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NPS & USFS Gov Docs: Panoramic Lookout Photos, 80 years apart

via petapixel

The National Parks Service Fire and Aviation Management, U.S. Forest Service and Gigapan recently put together a photography project that takes a comparative look at two of America’s best-known pieces of land and how they’ve changed over the course of 80 years. 

Using photographs of Glacier National Park and Yellowstone Park from the early 1930s and late 2000s, the park service digitized the black-and-white negatives from almost a century ago and overlaid the photographs from the current landscape to depict the changes that have occurred over time.

The original initiative started out as a way to create maps for various “fire lookouts” within the parks. Over time the project grew, and within only a year incredible panoramic photographs were captured from over 200 locations by photographer Lester M. Moe.

Learn more about the stories associated with panoramic photographs from NPS lookouts and how to participate in the retake project through the use of Gigapan’s technology.
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